Name der Komposition:

'Heart of Stone'


Progressive Rock.

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Michael Bernauer


Daniel Perrey


Gitarre: Rainer Dück

Bass: Oliver Gerike

Keyboard: Daniel Perrey

Schlagzeug: Dirk Fenchel

Gesang: Michael Bernauer

Januar 2015 im "Liquid Studio" Freiburg (Markus Heinzel)

Band/Künstler Beschreibung:

Unsere vielschichtigen und dennoch eingängigen Eigenkompositionen sollen den Hörer mitnehmen auf eine musikalische Reise. Im Gepäck: mitreißender Rock, bezaubernde Melodien, tiefgehende Atmosphäre, spacige Improvisationen, vertrackte Rhythmen, schwebender Bombast, spannungsgeladenes Songwriting, magische Momente.

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you’re so beautiful

your eyes

brighter than sunshine at noon

I can’t imagine

anything more

exciting than you

no, I can’t

But you know it

I think you know you’re cute

you only love yourself

I know that is true


to spend my whole life with you

but you dropped me

like a hot stone

You got your thorn

deep down in my flesh

and it hurts me so

your poison works

You got my heart in your hand

you throw it on the floor

my soul is bleeding

can’t take it no more

You don’t need my love

you got a heart of stone

be someone elses pain

Leave me alone

you only bring me pain

get out of my life

don’t cross my way again

tell me no lies

don’t wanna hear one more

cause no one buys

just get out and close the door

Babe, Babe please


You say you need me

but you just can’t be alone

get out of the door and leave me

don’t forget your heart of stone

don’t forget your heart of stone

your heart of stone

don’t forget your heart of stone

ooooh Babe, oooh…, aaaah