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Indie, Folk, Pop

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Sebastian Knaab




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Sebamana, das sind Sebastian Knaab, Maximilian Seip, Matthias Droll und Anna Unbehauen, die sich an der pädagogischen Hochschule im Musiktrakt und an der Musikhochschule beim Jammen kennengelernt haben. Die Leidenschaft zur Musik und Themen wie Nachhaltigkeit, Aktivismus und Gesellschaftskritik verbinden sie, was man in den Songs und dem guten Vibe bei den Konzerten hören und spüren kann.

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I´m not a soldier, I don´t wanna fight

I´m, not goinin right now, out into the night

I don´t wanna go on the borders other side

I refuse any kind of oppression and might

I walk around in the camp field’s surrounding

there are soldiers gathering and generals shouting

I can´t see no motion in their hearts and their eyes

we are just waiting for the next day of life

We are in the middle of nowhere,

on the horizon you can see a light somewhere out there

Still it´s far away, but it keeps growing

I hope someday you´ll see the white flag waving

We are all the same, Just some figures in a strange game

We are just one forgotten name, We are all the same

Thousand military patrols, hundred thousand soldiers sold their soul

They´re Running in circles, running in cages, running on land and sea, under control to fulfill some strange unnecessary goal,

I don’t know what they are doing, what they dreaming, what they are feeling, what they are kneeling for

What they’re praying when night overcomes them

What they’re saying when they realize that there is only one chance

To live that there is only one life you can live, you can give…………… Waving Waving Waving