Cosmic Mints

Cosmic Mints

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Coffee Later?


Rock, Psychedelic Fuzz & Roll

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Cosmic Mints


Cosmic Mints


Shiny Temple Studios (Recording, Mixing & Mastering)

Band/Künstler Beschreibung:

In a galaxy far from ours, these funky dudes were banned from their planet due to, well, let's just say, a misunderstandin...

And ever since that day, they've been on a mission, to bring you the fresh and minty layers of their psychedelic Fuzz & Roll!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Cosmic Mints.

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Imagine that Boys...

Hey babe, you know I don’t, I mean you know I have a hard time, well... here goes,

You needed me to hold ya,

I told ya, I’m cold yeah,

I‘m freezin‘ like that breeze on the hill,

You wanted me to kiss ya,

And miss ya, now listen,

You know that I got no time to kill,

I‘m ridin‘ on my road like I want,

Yeah, so I hm, Oh you mean... no?

I don‘t need you around me,

I found me, allow me,

A fella who’s got just what I need,

He‘s cozy in the bedroom,

I fed em, then let em,

Tickle me right under my feet,

He‘s fightin‘ on the street like a dog,

Alright, you got a cat, I mean, that’s nice,

I like cats,

Coffee later?